Healthy Fun

Healthy Fun

The Healthy Fun gallery provides children and caregivers with models and practice for an active lifestyle and healthful choices. Exhibits encourage active whole-body experiences for both children and their caregivers in an environment that encourages physical activity outside of museum visits or programs.Children and adults will be introduced to simple, fun and rewarding ways to make nutritious food choices. Visitors become familiar with healthy ingredients, a balanced diet, food and cooking safety, and simple and healthful recipes will be provided for at-home use.

Make healthy choices like choosing fresh foods and exercising, and see how those choices are best for healthy bodies!


  • Boney You: Designed to teach children about the structure, function and importance of their skeleton, in this area children can view broken bones, try on a cast, ride a bike along with a skeleton, make a skeleton dance by moving joints, and discover why healthy choices are best for our bones!
  • Home Par Course: Gym memberships or fancy gaming systems are not required for being active. Learn exercises that you can do inside your own home, with your own furniture, and complete the attic obstacle course.
  • Farmer’s Market: Buy locally grown fruits and vegetables and learn facts/nutrition info as you check out!
  • Healthy Helpings: Choose the right portion size to build a healthy plate, and find out how to build a balanced diet.
  • Gastro Climber: Explore the digestive system from start to finish, seeing exactly what happens to your food after you swallow. Learn that what we put in our mouths has an effect on our digestive system and body. A stomach theater presentation shows all parts and pieces of the digestive system.
  • Little Cook’s Corner: Pretend play in a kitchen environment with right-sized appliances and foods. Take-home recipes will be available as a part of programming.


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