Wild About Reading

Wild About Reading

The Wild About Reading gallery exposes visitors to the joy of words and creative expression. This area creates a playful and fun landscape of words and literary encounters throughout the exhibits and programs. There is a literacy “thread” throughout all of the museum’s exhibits and programs and within its outreach programs.

The Mississippi Children’s Museum is partnering with organizations across the state and elsewhere who wish to improve the state of literacy in Mississippi, and we will apply best practices in literacy teaching and learning throughout the museum’s exhibits and programs.

Our goal is to make the practice of reading and thinking a compelling tool for exploration and discovery in all of the museum’s work, and this will help children become readers, writers and tellers of their own stories.

The basics of reading (letters, sounds, parts of speech, practice) and words come to life as visitors actively engage with each exhibit and become Wild about Reading!

  • Action Verb Gym: Run, jump, fly, pull, climb, and leap into learning and experiencing action verbs. Literacy combines with healthy activity to foster an understanding of grammar and getting fit in this gross-motor exhibit. A featured verb, new every two weeks, provides opportunities to enhance vocabulary.
  • Eudora Welty Porch: Rock and read, play a game of checkers with a friend, or watch the busy activity of the museum from our porch, which replicates Ms. Welty’s own home. A perfect spot for storytelling and oral presentations.
  • Scrabble Board: Team up to build friendships, words, and scores with our life-sized version of this classic word game.
  • Puppet Theater: Choose your background, create a character, dress the part, and put on a play from our fairy tale stage. Make your own puppet to take home, too!
  • Between the Lions: Learn to love reading in this exhibit based on the PBS Kids television show! Write a fairy tale in the big magnetic book, play phonics games from the BTL website, make words from blends with Gawain’s word joust or bean bag toss, or read quietly with Lionel and Leona in a replica of the Between the Lions set.

Take the learning and fun home with you! Click here to learn more helpful tips on reading aloud with your children.

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