World At Work

World at Work

The World at Work gallery introduces children and adults to the multitude of Mississippi career opportunities. This area showcases the exploration of engineering, architecture, physics and math, and a variety of cutting-edge exhibits that engage visitors in role-play based on the diversity of Mississippi industry.The Mississippi Children’s Museum is partnering with organizations across the state to create exhibits and programs directly related to Mississippi industry and commerce, from NASA rockets on the Coast to the worldwide transportation of Mississippi goods.

Explore diverse careers and industries that are important to Mississippi while working together to investigate, create, and test ideas.


  • Hodge Podge Construction: Become an architect and design your dream home on the magnetic drafting table. Work together to operate the crane as you experiment with which method works best. Use the tools, panels and bricks to build a house. Learn which material builds the sturdiest house. Costumes are provided for pretend play.
  • Agriculture: Milk the cow, identify farm animal sounds, then climb into the crop duster and slide back to the ground. Learn more about how a modern farm operates by harvesting crops (balls) with the combine harvester. Learn about the principles of physics and mechanics using the pulley interactive.
  • Forestry: Become a forester by collaborating to move logs with the grapple skidder, or by dressing like a forester or logger and learning about forest regeneration and environmental responsibility, forest fires and wood products. Explore the many types of trees in Mississippi and learn why Mississippi land is important to the forest and how we can be good stewards of it.
  • Transportation Table: Transport goods over the state by building train tracks and bridges, but do not miss the sightseeing opportunities of iconic MS buildings!  Designed for younger visitors, older children can use this exhibit to explore various modes of transportation and the landscape of our state on a smaller scale.
  • Duplo Table: Legos for our youngest visitors with a focus on community people, building and tube experiments. Young children can experiment with shapes, dimensions, input, output, cause and effect.
  • Engineering Energy: Explore oil, solar, wind, and water energy with the ball machines, build and turn the gear wall, assemble a car and race a friend on the test track.
  • Altima: Change a tire, lift and lower on a jack, pump gas, and pretend to drive inside at the steering wheel.


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